Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So how is our DDLearning applied in our lives. 

First I had to make up in my mind that I would 100% submit to anything he said, including discipline as he saw fit.   That puts him in control, and it takes control away from me, which is a good thing for a submissive wife. 

We rules now and diciplines already set out for the rules.

*If a certain rule is broken it is called an 'automatic' and that means I get 6 smacks with the wooden spoon.  I have to pull my own panties and they have to be at my knees or lower (this is not fun! It is embarrassing!) and I have to bend over either over his knee, or whatever I can bend over so he can have a clear view so he sees where he is smacking me and to ensure he is getting my bottom, and if there is nothing to bend over, then it is simply bending over on my own)

(I will say this.... I have been up to this point finding the anticipation of the Punishment Spankings erotic, as a turn on.  So I told my husband about this b/c that is NOT the purpose of them.  They are a form of discipline and need to be dreaded.   So he has ensurred me that they will be harder now and I will dread them and he is not cutting me any slack anymore at all!  Which I deeply respect!!!  However, no matter how much they are dreaded, and hurt, (yesterdays hurt a good amount, but he is gonna spank harder as of my next punishment spanking to correct this)  after the spanking I am totally turned on because this man just forced his authority!  I didn't do right, and show him the respect he deserved and so he took me in his hands and made me.  He held me accountable and I love that and respect that for him.   Because of the spankings I want to do everything I can do to make him happy!!!!  More than every before!!!!  I want him happy!)

What are the rules that are an 'automatic' punishment spanking:
*HOH sends me a chore list with time frames for things to be done, this is helping me with time management and what he expects from me.   He expects me to be honest in telling him if I don't make the 'time frame' he put in my list.   --- With the chore list its all or nothing!  Meaning if I miss one time frame or one thing doesn't get done, its an automatic and each additional thing on that list if not done or not done by the time frame is 1 additional smack.

*On the weekends HOH will give me verbal or written list - same applies as above.

*He has the right as HOH to make a new rule on the spur of the moment if he feels its needed and discipline w/o warning if he sees the situation warrents it.

*Dishonest and Disobedience - 'automatic'

*Trying to find excuses to get out of things is an 'automatic' -- tho at times this is based on HOH discretion.

*Fighting over the discipline - automatic

*I am not allowed to tell him he can not spank me or I am backing out of DD because I have to let my yes mean yes, and if a punishment is needed and I don't like it and I tell him that, it is an automatic plus additional smacks as HOH sees fit due to my attittude.

So we have our automatics that I described above.

Then we have a warning system on disrespect.  I get 3 warnings and if I reach 3 warnings, I get 6 smacks with the wooden spoon, me pulling my panties down and bending over just like an automatic.

Whats really bad is if I have an automatic and I get 3 warnings in one day, then that will mean 12 smacks...... Or if I get 2 automatics and 3 warnings that will mean 18 smacks!   And if I didn't finish all my chores or meet time frames, each of those are additional smack!   OUCH! 

*I have to be up and out of bed when HOH leaves for work.  If Im not, then this counts as 1 warning.

*Journaling/blogging - This is to help reinforce the discipline.
Every day (except Saturday and Sunday) I have to blog what happend the day before.  Was it a good day or a bad day?   How so?  Did I get a spanking?  If so, what for?  How did I feel before the punishment?  How was I punished?  How did I feel afterwards?   What can I do to try and make it not happen again.  I am to blog all my wrongdoing so my husband is able to read them.  If I skip a day he can see it and results in an automatic.  On Monday mornings I have to update for the weekend.   All of this has to be done by 11AM every day or its an automatic.

Tarzan (HOH) has promised he will always be fair, clear in instructions, firm, spankings will learn to be dreaded because they need to leave a lasting impression and make me start dreading them more as that is what the purpose of the spankings,  to correct wrong behavior.  He will discipline in a loving way and hole me afterwards.  He is determinded to not let me get away anymore with disrespect, sassing back and attitude and if he ses fit give an attitude adjustment.   He will hold me accountable for my actions.  If Im disrespectful in the slightest it goes as 1 warning.    It is up to HOH to decide how, when and where discipline is handled.  HOH may decide that a spanking/discipline needs to be handled right then.   

HOH is inforcing his authority, and I submit to them all!   That is my role as his wife, and that is his role as my husband.   He is very loving and wants whats best for me and our household, and that means keeping me in line.   I am very hard to handle! I am short fused, and have attitude a mile long and will talk back in a split second!   Ive never been accountable.  However now that has changed, and I love and respect my husband more than I ever have!

Ok...... I have to do a few things..... but then I got to get back on here to blog about yesterdays discipline before 11. 

~Jane DDLearning


  1. Welcome to blogland, Jane! I've read through a few of your entries so far and you're great at writing!


    1. Thank you so much Chelsea! :)

      Im looking forward to blogging here and meeting new friends that apply LDD in their marriage!

      ~Jane DDLearning