Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Since we are new to LDD, TTWD lifestyle....... Can anyone offer any tips for me as being a submissive wife, and then also for HOH as being the head of our house.   He has has always been the head but I have always lacked respect.  (tho now I have a new founded respect for him)  Any tips you can give us to contine to make this work will be great!   So far these past few weeks has been an amazing journey and has drawn us so much closer together. 

Is there any advice you can offer to help me to be more submissve and know my role, and offer HOH to help keep me under control?
We are still full of questions, and still learning so much.  We are still reading and trying to apply bits and pieces to our LDD marriage.  As the weeks are going by we are finding our way in TTWD. 
But there are so many questions!  I guess on this road we are traveling we will find our way.  Last night the reason I got so many smacks is b/c I kept giggling.  He was smacking me hard and it hurt!!!!!  BAD!!!!   So what happens if it stops havin an effect on me?  What if I don't learn to be more submissive?  I want to!!!!  I want this to work b/c I can not say it enough, the love my husband and I share now is stronger than ever!   He sent me a revised list of rules today and they are firm and it made me proud of him, it made me feel taken care of, loved, protected, precious, and valued in his eyes. 
He is becoming very firm in his role!  And I love that about him, Im afraid tho I am going to be a bit of a challeng!  I want to be submissive, I always have!  I need someone to hold me accountable! I need and want someone to correct me and take away my control.  But I am also a wild, sassy mouth, attitude filled, sarcastic, outspoken, lack of respect, brat at times.   I get very moody and I will throw a wall up VERY fast and I will start pushing him away and sometimes I know why, and other times I don't know why.  Once I got that wall up, it is hard to break down!
~Jane DDLearning   


  1. Hi Jane!
    Congratulations with your new life and lifestyle!
    The joys of domestic discipline are many as you've already discovered.
    All I can say is read, read and read!
    We started by making guidelines and rules.
    Guideline were the things we wanted in our relationship such as:
    A tidy house - good hygiene - calling to say where you are - no lying - no over spending etc.
    Then we made rules for discipline.
    These are our 5 Ds:
    Disrespect - disloyalty - disobedience - dishonest - dangerous situations
    To be a good submissive wife - you need to work on those D-rules. If you get off track, it is your HOHs duty to discipline you to help you focus.
    I am never punished - only disciplined!
    This is a whole new dynamic - because we wives give up control and trust our husbands to make all final decisions. (but taking our opinions into consideration)
    A wife is disciplined and if a hubby makes a mistake - he admits it and apologizes.
    There is a good book you could read called Domestic Discipline by Jules Markham and also a great book by Dr.Laura Schlessinger called
    The Care and Feeding of Your Husband. good advice for women who bicker, contradict and show disrespect!
    Hope this helps
    Write anytime!
    best wishes on your journey
    Jack's Jill

    1. Thank you so much for all that information!!!!!! And the book recommendations! :) Need them and love them! THANK YOU!

  2. Welcome to the lifestyle. If he's going to be firm in his role, that's a good sign. He may be able to bring out your submissive side. Good luck on your journey.


    1. So far he seems to be determined to stay firm in his role.... I have told him at times I feel he needs to be firmer..... but he has started recently..... Thank you!!!!

      All and any tips are helpful!