Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Spanked Wife's Photo Blog (Photoblog): A Husband Spanking His Wife (Consensual)

A Spanked Wife's Photo Blog (Photoblog): A Husband Spanking His Wife (Consensual): The keywords for my blog indicate that men want more information about or images of a man spanking a woman.  Since I'm a pleaser, I wil...


  1. I need to be spanked

  2. One thing that probably ought to be clarified is that spanking in the 1950s was not necessarily consensual. By no means was it a politically correct world.

    It was literally an era, as the title of a radio and later television program, a time of Father Knows Best. Much like Jim Anderson in the early 1950's radio version of Father Knows Best, men tended to be very much in charge of things.

    Fathers of the 1950s were the generation that won World War II. Many men had seen the world. They may have seen it through a porthole, over a rifle barrel, or through a whirling propeller blade, but they had seen it. These men were accustomed to giving a taking orders.

    When I was in my early teens, I witnessed one of my relatives spank his wife in front of a small family gathering. After she ignored warning about her smart mouthing, without saying a word, her husband simply pulled his wife over his knee and soundly spanked the seat of her khaki cotton slacks. Although obviously painful and thoroughly embarrassing, it wasn't brutal by any means.

    More to the point, the spanking wasn't consensual. The former Army Air Force pilot quite literally took his former high school beauty queen wife in hand and straightened her out. From everything I heard, read, or saw back then, that episode seems to be how things were handled.

    The wife knew what she'd done to deserve being spanked. Her husband knew what to do and did it. No one present seemed particularly surprised. The impromptu spanking solved the problem. Except for her deflated vanity, the woman seemed none the worse for wear afterwards.