Thursday, February 21, 2013

How has DDlifestyle helped your marriage?

How has DD helped your marriage?  TTWD?  TiH? 

How do you handle things in your relationship?

How has it help you have a peaceful household?

Lookin forward to hearing yalls comments!

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  1. How has DD helped my marriage, let me count the ways! (quote from Elizabeth Browning)
    The answer requires a whole journal!
    To make a long story short (read my blog)
    DD has given us a new lease on marriage. We finally communicate in a peaceful way. I have learned submission and love it. I am not tired of all my nagging and bickering because I have stopped doing it. My hubby makes all the major decisions, but now listens to my ideas too. I love him being the head of the house and helping me to become a better wife. I love the intimacy DD has given us, the respect and warmth!
    The joys of DD are many - and we couldn't live any other way!
    I have only wonderful things to say about this lifestyle, and I don't find it difficult at all.
    It feels very natural to us and we love it.
    It is the recipe for a wonderful marriage!
    Jack's Jill