Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Can anyone explain?

Punishment is painful!  It hurts!   Its embarrassing......................... But why is it that some submissive wives feel a release?  It helps with the stress?  It helps you refocus?  It is the the oddest thing??????


HOH believes that at times I am pushing him into spanking me by my attitude? 

~Jane DDLearning


  1. all the above ... yes it helps with stress . my lil one will sometimes come to me when her stress level hits a point , paddle in hand and bare her bottom over my knee and ask for it ...... and she gets it ... after a good cry and a nap its like a whole new lil one .. happy and content

    1. I can't understand it!

      It is embarrassing when it comes down to the actually punishment time...... but at the same time it felt like its needed and even when I feel its unfair and I try to fight him on it..... After he has made my butt red, I feel better! I feel so submissive, I feel like I could melt into him. My mind is clear, and my stress feels a lot less.

  2. Yup, it does all those things. They are the firm wall or the rock and when put in that vulnerable place, we trust them with our hearts...and backsides. They in turn keep us safe while we work out all sorts of emotions that for most of our lives we have stuffed away. They are a safe place and a little pain in the posterior moves us towards that release.

    We all get a bit bratty sometimes. For me, most of the time it is a test to see how firm my husband is. Where are the boundaries. Will he really keep me safe??

    1. That makes so much sense Susie!!!!!!!!!! That is totally it! I guess because I am vulnerable, and Im havin to trust him with my heart, and being made to follow in his direction.... it is such a release and sometimes I feel like now I can't and don't have that without that safe place, even if it is pain.

      I do know I have tested my husbands bounderies already. Like you to also, to see exactly how firm he is going to rally be, where are my TRUE bounderies, what is he going to let me get away with.....