Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Spanked Wife's Photo Blog (Photoblog): The Mental Stages Of A Wife During A Discipline Sp...

A Spanked Wife's Photo Blog (Photoblog): The Mental Stages Of A Wife During A Discipline Sp...:  I found a file on a Yahoo group . The file was posted by ddsamantha13, it appears to be a pretty good analysis of the different s...

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  1. By the time I tried to access the linked URL, the page no longer existed. However, given what I know from experience, the best thing a man can do once he begins spanking a woman is to get her past her anger hump. This is why a woman being disciplined or punished should have her bare bottom paddled or whipped rather than merely spanked with a man's hand.

    Women are complex creatures. When dealing with men, women operate on two levels. One is what they reveal to men. The other is what they're actually thinking. Taken together, both are natural defense mechanisms or testing male resolve.

    A woman's real resistance to being spanked isn't her in her verbal protests or even her attempts to physically interfere. These are merely superficial distractions. Meanwhile, the real resistance resides deep inside her. To use a colloquial expression, it is where a woman lives.

    Thus, it is possible for a man to spank a woman until her bottom is appropriately red and even watery eyed, and still not change her attitude or behavior. However, if a woman is not spanked into submission, she merely learns to endure spanking. If allowed to continue, this results in a power struggle.

    Here's where the rubber meets the road so to speak. When a woman's psychological defenses are threatened, she will muster every fiber of her being to resist losing control of the situation. It is at this point that a woman's real anger flashes. As she approaches this threshold of tolerance, she may tighten, scream, or even curse, before losing her composure.

    After the woman passes this climax - and, yes, spanking results in an peculiar type of painful emotional orgasm for a woman - she will cease resisting. Both her mind and body will be reconciled with her husband's wishes. This is why women both love and respect men able to get down to where they live.

    A proper spanking rips away the veil of famine mystique. The woman becomes one with herself as well as with her husband. That's why passionate sex is so common after a woman has had her bare bottom thrashed! While it may not come in the immediate aftermath, the woman will let the man know when she's ready to be taken.

    By nature, most women want to be dominated by the man of their choice. It's how nature insures human reproduction. It's no biological accident that the playground is located in close proximity to a woman's spank spot or that a woman lubricates when she is spanked.

    It's not that the spanking was an aphrodisiac. For most women, it's not. Rather, to use a biblical expression, the man knows her. Because he has gotten down to where she lives, he can see through her.

    For women wrapped in a web of psychological turmoil, getting properly spanked can be a quasi-religious experience. Among other things, women typically feel clean inside afterwards. Without trying to put too fine a theological point on it, she may even feel saved from herself.