Saturday, February 16, 2013


I will always obey, and respect my husband because its my desire to make him happy!   He is my HOH and he cares for me!!!  Sometimes it hurts like HELL!!!!!  But its so worth it and I respect him more than anyone!  He has gotten even more firm recently, and Im not gettin away with much!  He is MY MAN!  and I am his submissive woman/wife and I love and treasure him so much!  I am so thankful he stepped up and became the man I needed in my life!   One that holds me accountable and helps keep me in place!  :)    What is so odd is that this is something I want and need!  And him being the man he is could see it and knew it, and Im so happy to be taken in hand!  ♥♥♥


  1. Wanted to say hi, and welcome you to Blogland! :) I hope to catch up on your blog this week when I have a few days off. :) I am glad that you're happy to be taken in hand, and that it's helping your marriage.

  2. Hey there, welcome to blogland. I am so glad to hear that your DD lifestyle has proven to be so great for you both so far, that's really great! I agree it is an odd thing and I often feel that way too, but it works, so that's all that really matters. ;)

  3. Welcome to Blogging Jane!

    Hey, if you look in your settings you'll see a place where you can turn the verification for comments off. You'll find a lot more friends if you so many cannot read the letters/numbers and give up on leaving comments.

  4. It was been a learning experience for both of us, but very rewarding. Sometimes I think she pushes me into DD because some part of her knows she needs it, and while I was hesitant to at first, it is becoming more engrained in our lives and I see how much good it does for us as a couple and as a family.

    1. Yes baby..... on some lvl you are probably right..... but as someone else mentioned, it is an odd thing.......but it feels like it is needed for a relief. Its an embarrassing thing and it hurts, but for some reason it gives me, and other that are in a LDD relationship what the submissive wife needs to refocus.

      LOVE YOU BABY! Thank you for being the MAN you are! ♥♥♥

  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Me and Tarzan are looking forward to being here and bloggin our way in LDD, and hopefully learning new ideas that will continue to help us.