Thursday, February 14, 2013

Here we go again! :(

Jane here!

Ok, punishment was horrible last night!


I do feel like humiliation is PART OF THE PUNISHMENT as also having to bend over!  :(

Last night he decided to use a plastic spoon...... Outside in the garage, pull panties and pants down to my knees and bend over this box...... 6 hard smacks!    They did hurt!   However I did have to admit to hubby that it was not as bad/dreaded as I thought.   Well that meant going into the closet and using a different spanking tool, the NOW what I call 'dreaded hairbrush'  that thing hurts!   Again, I have to pull my panties and pants down and I had to bend over and he gave me 4 hard smacks with the back of the hairbrush!  OH MY GAH!   My butt was killin me!   

You would have thought I would have learned!   But as Ive said before, I am hard headed, stubborn, sassy, talk back, and quick with my tone!  Even my expressions on my face........ Which is all disrespect.

Well we were in the kitchen and I wanted a tiny bit of wine, and he said NO and to not ask again, which I did!  Then I started gettin mad and when I get mad I fly off at the mouth.   He turned off the kitchen light and put his hands on my shoulders and said lets go to bed.  AND this is where I got myself in trouble AGAIN!   I said "NO"......................  he walked off and said "thats it"........  I didn't believe/ and couldn't believe after the harsh spanking I already got he was gonna do it again.   I started getting worried and followed him.   He did not relent!  The rule is I am NOT to tell him NO b/c that is disobedience and disrespect!   He told me in the closet....... and again, down my panties go............ bending over and that damn hairbrush!!!!!!   I got 2 hard smacks on each check.  

That hairbrush is the first thing that has made me tear up and cry some.  

So now that is his choice of a spanking tool...

Well guess what?   Me and my damn time management....... One things on his chore list is to take my meds (for my health) no later than 9AM......... Well I got busy with things............ and it was 1 hour later.......   :(         So you know what that means?   6 smacks, hard smacks as he is gettin alot firmer with me, on my bare bottom tonight.   It is already so sore!!!!!!    :(

I am determined to NOT get spanked tomorrow!   I am determined! 
I told hubby that Im gonna print out his chore list and what he expects and tape it in a "post it" style on my computer screen.  (I do a lot of work on my computer)

Last nights spankings where humiliating, hurt like hell, and I felt bad for breakin the rules.   I did thank my HOH and hugged him.  

He feels bad after he spanks me.  He says he knows he is exercising his authority and he is determined to get me under control.......  Well, I have my entire life have been a strong willed, hard headed, stubborn child and woman.    Even in our marriage in the past, he would tell me to do something and I would laugh at him and tell him to not tell me what to do because if he did, I was gonna do the exact opposite.    Oh my gah!  Now if I say that........ My ass is GRASS, or rather gonna be on fire! 

I am not allowed to roll my eyes at him...... which I do and have done since a kid and thats an automatic, (6 smacks) b/c that is down right disrespect to him.   And I do have a choice if I do it or not!!!   This will NOT be an easy one to follow b/c it is a natural thing I do!!!!  You say something I don't like, it is written all over my face with attitude and I will roll my eyes.    :(
(or maybe HOH said it would be only 1 warning)   I can't remember now and I need to confirm.

I feel so loved my husband!  He is being firm and not letting me get away with things.   He is using his authority and I thank him and have deep respect for that!!!

My goal for tomorrow is to go without a punishment spanking!  Its been my goal, but after tonight Im sure I won't be able to sit if he spanks as hard as he said and the 'dreaded hairbrush' hurts like hell!  Plus already being sore!  :(

More later!  
                      He has already said that tonight it would be over his knee, and again of course the same ritual, having to pull my own panties down which is so embarrassing!  This picture says it all!  I am finally dreading (which I have been finding it erotic) my punishment tonight.  :(

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