Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am in big trouble for tonight. But I deserve it!

I feel so bad!   I will take any discipline that my HOH feels I need! 

Today it was all fine.... We were joking around on the phone and then, still while joking, out of my mouth comes, "You freaking Son of a B****" and as soon as it came out of my mouth I was shocked!!!!!!! 

I right away told him I was sorry!!!!! 

He said I am in trouble when he gets home.  He understands I was playing around but still it was disrespectful.  

But we have gotten so close that I am actually NOT dreading this spanking, rather I deserve it and welcome it! 

Before DD I would not have cared that I said that, that it was wrong.   But today was the first day that I actually feel bad that I disrepected him and called him that even though I was playing around and obviously did not mean it!  

I feel TERRIBLE!!  

I told him many times how sorry I was and then sent him an email.   I am NOT trying to get out of discipline at all, instead I deserve every bit of it and I am going to try my best to not move and like last night while being spanked think really hard about why I am being spanked. 

Tarzan, if you are reading this, again I am so sorry!  So sorry!

Please discipline me accordingly because I deserve it!  I deserve the worse discipline that I've had yet!  Writing lines, spanking, corner time, spanking again... Whatever YOU feel is needed as you have 100% control of me because I am yours.   I feel horrible and I NEVER EVER want to slip up like that again.   I am so sorry! 

I love you Tarzan!

Yours forever,
Jane DDlearning


Ok.... So last night I really messed up!

Yikes and Ouch!

Last night was maintenance which we agreed we would do for the next few days because there has been some distancing, mainly from me. 

Plus I didn't get everything done on my chore list. 

After the maintenance I was crying!   He gave me a few minutes to and then I asked to go ahead and do my discipline so we could get it over with.

I am happy to say and proud of myself because I knew it was all coming and so I had the container I bend over in our closest set up with rubber back hair brush, and wooden spoon, and the blind (that opens and closes the blinds) stick ready.   I was just in my T-shirt because I had just got out of the shower and I was waiting for him when he got home. 

Let me tell you --- the rubber brush HURTS! 

Our new way of handling things is working out great for us..... I can not talk while the spanking is happening, and the way we have me positioned he can hold me down.   We have also decided that he will stop when he is ready, that I am not going to know how many smacks.   With doing all that it takes my control away.

Well then last night I got an attitude, but I didn't see it!  I was laughin an playing around, but HOH said that I was being disrespectful even though I was playing around.  He warned me but I still didn't see it.   So back into the closet we went, rubber hair brush again. 

When we came out, I was sittin on the bed and he said he could tell that I still had an attitude. In all honesty I was just playin around with him.  Yet he said I was still disrespectful.  So back into the bathroom we went.  This time instead of our normal spot, I had to bend over the tub and he used the blind rod.   When he was done I was still sassy, and I kinda giggled......... Not meaning to....... So he pulled me back in the closet for another round of the rubber brush.  This time I tried to relax and think about what he was sayin while I was gettin spanked and he just kept spanking and spanking and finally I saw what he was saying.

After that spanking I saw exactly what he was saying.   It took him spanking me a few times to get it into my thick head!!!!!

So, yeah.......... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

But afterwards.............because he corrected me and helped me. 
We ended up here...............

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Hubby knew what I needed!

Sooo for the last few days.... Not that we have been slackin in DD..... Its just I haven't done anything to warrant punishment (well maybe I have -- bad attitude one night but hubby gave me about 5 mins to pull it together or else attitude adjustment)

But the last few days - week has been hard on me..... Plus PMSin really bad!!!!!!

But yesterday he sent me an email saying that I was gettin Maintenance!  Ok, this is strange b/c last week he wasn't so keen on that idea!  

I asked him why?   He said b/c as we have continue to apply DD in our marriage he is learning alot.  He saw that I was becoming slowly distant.   And guess what?  He was RIGHT!  I saw it in myself, but didn't KNOW that I really needed maintenance.  

We have added a few things, as we are reading more and learning more......... NOW, I have no idea how many smacks I am going to get..... I have no control over that!   And last night after he gave the maintenance, I felt better and knew it was what I needed!!!!!!  But after that something still didnt feel right.   I want him in 100% control, meaning I don't want to be able to make any rules or suggestions regarding discipline or maintenance.    I need to be at his mercy..... I've noticed that I can start sayin 'ouch' early on and it will shorten it..... but he already figured that out.    But after last night I requested (which I don't know WHY I do that.... b/c I don't want it..... and its embarrassing...)  to have another maintenance, but this time I am NOT allowed to ask him to stop and if I do he is to go longer and harder and he agreed that was the best thing to do. 

So into our closet once again!   I felt so much better after that!  I need to have NOOOO control!  NONE, that is his job!  

I am so proud of how seriously he has stepped up and has become firm with me.  He tells me now that I am his.... and it makes me feel good and it makes me want to make him happy and stay connected to him.  (which does mean through discipline for wrong actions or maintenance)  He told me that he is getting alot more comfortable with this and I can tell that he is!  I am so thankful!  

I am so thankful that he picked up on last night what I needed!  It reinforced in BOTH of us TTWD and how great it is for us!   It reinforced his authority over me as HOH, and me as being submissive and belonging to him.

I told him that I felt like for the next few nights maintenance should probably take place b/c I have had a lot on my mind lately and I guess I have been drifting......

What are some other ways to make our discipline, and maintenance more meaningful, me more at his mercy where I have NOOOO control?  (I felt so much more loved, respected him more last night and felt like I could trust him so much more, and I felt like I belonged to him)   

So what else can we do to keep it where I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO control over our DD? 
Those few things we have changed has helped so much!!!!!!

Thanks yall!

~Jane DDLearning

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

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How has DDlifestyle helped your marriage?

How has DD helped your marriage?  TTWD?  TiH? 

How do you handle things in your relationship?

How has it help you have a peaceful household?

Lookin forward to hearing yalls comments!

This says it all!

OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!  DD in action between a loving couple! He is her HOH and she needs to be submissive.   This kind of discipline is to remind you of your place, role in your marriage, or for breakin a rule or what HOH expects!  Or in my case disrespect and gettin an attitude and horrible time managment!!!  Or not finishing my chores.   He does this out of love, I give him that authority over me and it makes me feel protected, loved, and reminds me of who is in control and puts me back in my submissive role, even if I am being submissive, sometimes I just need it as a reminder to continue. 

Us! ♥

I love my HOH.....His authority.... His firmness.... Him taking the lead!  His loving care, how he protects me.
I love our DD marriage, TTWD! 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Firm email!

Hubby sent me a very firm email this afternoon with what else he expected to get done this afternoon...... Even though I had already gotten my 6 smacks at his office..... He let me know there was more to come.   Well, tonight has not been a good night for me...............and I think he has either forgotten or is allowing me to be 'off the hook' but I am going to remind him b/c its the right thing to do.  

Will post later! 

~Jane DDlearning

Love of my Life, Head of the House: Unexpected benefits

This is exactly how I feel................... its sooooooooooooooooo strange! 

Love of my Life, Head of the House: Unexpected benefits: The last time I worked left me feeling a bit like this...... I absolutely love my job, but things in my field happen sometimes that ...

Does it still hurt?


I didn't get everything I was suppose to get done by the time frame my HOH gave me.   So it was an automatic 6 smacks. 

I had to go to his office for a particular reason and he was alone.   He gave me a choice of gettin my spanking then or later tonight..... I decide THEN because I didn't want to dread it the rest of the day and plus the hair brush wasn't there.  

I told him "Im not gettin bare bottom, what if your boss comes back"  and he told me to not worry about it that everyone was gone for awhile. 

He closes the blinds so nobody could see in................. Down my pants come and panties and I had to lean over his side desk and he used his hand.   It did sting but not nearly as bad as the hair brush. 

I know I have another smack later coming up b/c of something Im not gettin done and it will be with the hair brush. 

He told me today that he is wondering if my tolerance pain is rising.  LOL 

What if thats the case?  Has anyone else had that problem?   If you deal with the pain of the discipline, what else can he do?   What other forms of discipline do yall use?  Or are there other positions that hurt your 'rear' worse than others?   Extra smacks?  

Im not saying we are there yet...... That hair brush HURTS.............. but it did make me start wondering........

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Since we are new to LDD, TTWD lifestyle....... Can anyone offer any tips for me as being a submissive wife, and then also for HOH as being the head of our house.   He has has always been the head but I have always lacked respect.  (tho now I have a new founded respect for him)  Any tips you can give us to contine to make this work will be great!   So far these past few weeks has been an amazing journey and has drawn us so much closer together. 

Is there any advice you can offer to help me to be more submissve and know my role, and offer HOH to help keep me under control?
We are still full of questions, and still learning so much.  We are still reading and trying to apply bits and pieces to our LDD marriage.  As the weeks are going by we are finding our way in TTWD. 
But there are so many questions!  I guess on this road we are traveling we will find our way.  Last night the reason I got so many smacks is b/c I kept giggling.  He was smacking me hard and it hurt!!!!!  BAD!!!!   So what happens if it stops havin an effect on me?  What if I don't learn to be more submissive?  I want to!!!!  I want this to work b/c I can not say it enough, the love my husband and I share now is stronger than ever!   He sent me a revised list of rules today and they are firm and it made me proud of him, it made me feel taken care of, loved, protected, precious, and valued in his eyes. 
He is becoming very firm in his role!  And I love that about him, Im afraid tho I am going to be a bit of a challeng!  I want to be submissive, I always have!  I need someone to hold me accountable! I need and want someone to correct me and take away my control.  But I am also a wild, sassy mouth, attitude filled, sarcastic, outspoken, lack of respect, brat at times.   I get very moody and I will throw a wall up VERY fast and I will start pushing him away and sometimes I know why, and other times I don't know why.  Once I got that wall up, it is hard to break down!
~Jane DDLearning   

Can anyone explain?

Punishment is painful!  It hurts!   Its embarrassing......................... But why is it that some submissive wives feel a release?  It helps with the stress?  It helps you refocus?  It is the the oddest thing??????


HOH believes that at times I am pushing him into spanking me by my attitude? 

~Jane DDLearning

Love! ♥ My HOH loves me enough to take me in hand.

Putting LDD in our marriage is the best thing we have EVER done!!!!!!!  EVER!

Granted since we have started putting this in our marriage I have gotten punished just about every night for the exception of one night.  

One night it was 12 with the hair brush, bare bottom...... 6 of them I had to pull my down my panties and it was in the closet that I had to bend over.......   Which is so embarrassing!  Then the other was after my shower that night...... Just had to get out dry off and over his knee.......

I have been under so much stress lately and the other night I had a huge attitude and he decided I needed an attitude adjustment and he gave it to me.............. but that wasn't enough......... He had to do it again....... The next time it was harder but it was that 2nd time around that made the difference.   It hurt very badly, but it put me back in focus.................... it was a RELEASE!  It made me take my wall down -- or rather he took it down!  The embarrassment of havin to pull down my panties and bend over and having my ass whiped and it hurting totally made me refocus, took my wall down, and it allowed me to cry after the 2nd round....... emotionally it does something to me. 

I love him so much for doing this!   Last night for the first time he decided that I needed a maintenance spanking (the first time!)  and it was bare bottom again with his hand, 4 smacks..... but then I got sassy, and it was 2 more with the spoon............ then 4 more with the wooden spoon..... I got even more sassy and was told when I got out of the shower there was no need to put on any clothes..............I had to go to the closet and got 6 more smacks but with the hairbrush.......... OUCH!!!!!!!!  But I needed it! 

I admit, my hubby has his hands full with me!  I am hard to handle!   VERY hard to handle..... I am stubborn, hard headed, sassy, and fly off the handle........

Plus just bad habits I have..........................  Geez!    It all builds up stress in me! 

And regardless of the reason Im spanked, either for punishment or because he feels like I need a good maintenance just to reinforce his love for me and to keep me focused, and show his authority........ I THANK HIM and LOVE HIM, and RESPECT HIM!

As we get further into LDD in our marriage he is getting alot more comfortable with things....... with inforcing his rules and what he expects...... being firm........ which I NEED..... and just "seeing" when I need a good spankin b/c he can see where my attitude is heading and Im about to put up a wall, or just need a stress relief........ I LOVE THIS MAN so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My HOH takes care of me!!!!    ♥♥♥

~Jane DDlearning  

Saturday, February 16, 2013


I will always obey, and respect my husband because its my desire to make him happy!   He is my HOH and he cares for me!!!  Sometimes it hurts like HELL!!!!!  But its so worth it and I respect him more than anyone!  He has gotten even more firm recently, and Im not gettin away with much!  He is MY MAN!  and I am his submissive woman/wife and I love and treasure him so much!  I am so thankful he stepped up and became the man I needed in my life!   One that holds me accountable and helps keep me in place!  :)    What is so odd is that this is something I want and need!  And him being the man he is could see it and knew it, and Im so happy to be taken in hand!  ♥♥♥

Friday, February 15, 2013

12 smacks!

Ouch!!!!! 12 needed smacks last night with the hairbrush!!!!!  Deserved and emotional outlet!  And emotional connection I needed to refocus............... I needed to be reminded who was in control and have someone show me so I COULD focus and reset....
....... I love my husband so much for taken me in hand!!!!!!  Forever and always!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

  And I do! 


Maintenance spankings????? 

We are not there, yet.  Will we be one day?  I dont know!  Its up to my owner.  I personally feel like after we get some of the punishment spanking under control it wouldn't be a bad idea.  Because I feel like and KNOW he's in control. I love the role affirmation. Of course I love the connection it brings us.   I want my HOH to feel more and more RESPECT and FEEL like he has the right to exercise his authority.   It will keep me in place.  I've notice even in this last week he's been more confident in all areas, not just our relationship. I love that, too. He deserves that self-confidence. :)

Today was not a good day - I didn't follow through with one of the chores, well actually a few, and then I did something that just the other day we both agreed I would not do.   Both of those are what we call "automatics" meaning each one gets me 6 smacks, and well now that means 12 smacks tonight with the hair brush.   Will it hurt?  HELL YES!!!!!!!  But the side effects are enough to keep me wanting dd for the rest of my life. The closeness, the ease of (okay, easier) communication.  

But when explaining to him what I did to warrent those smacks, I got mouthy b/c he said we might need to reduce the "automatic" smacks because they can start adding up.   I felt at that exact moment respect for him leaving, and out of control.  Plus I got some bad news about my mom and Im all out of sorts actually right now. 

I am DREADING the smacks, but I know I deserve them, and I feel like I need them to reset my brain and to help me remember who is in control.  B/C when I was snappin at him today I didn't feel submissive and I need to feel that way!   So this is a spanking that is needed on many differnet levels...... For wrong behavior, and on an emotional lvl, and one to bring me back to submission and him to exercise his authority over me!  I want him to WANT that!   But one thats gonna hurt like hell! 

FYI - those "smacks" are not just smacks!  They HURT!   It is a hard true spankin!!!!!!!!!!  He told me last night that I was going over his knee tonight, which after deserving and needing it, and after last night how bad it hurt, I am gonna need him to keep me still.  However I made a promise to him that I wouldn't fight with him during discipline or I get 6 more smacks, yet another 'automatic'. 


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Here we go again! :(

Jane here!

Ok, punishment was horrible last night!


I do feel like humiliation is PART OF THE PUNISHMENT as also having to bend over!  :(

Last night he decided to use a plastic spoon...... Outside in the garage, pull panties and pants down to my knees and bend over this box...... 6 hard smacks!    They did hurt!   However I did have to admit to hubby that it was not as bad/dreaded as I thought.   Well that meant going into the closet and using a different spanking tool, the NOW what I call 'dreaded hairbrush'  that thing hurts!   Again, I have to pull my panties and pants down and I had to bend over and he gave me 4 hard smacks with the back of the hairbrush!  OH MY GAH!   My butt was killin me!   

You would have thought I would have learned!   But as Ive said before, I am hard headed, stubborn, sassy, talk back, and quick with my tone!  Even my expressions on my face........ Which is all disrespect.

Well we were in the kitchen and I wanted a tiny bit of wine, and he said NO and to not ask again, which I did!  Then I started gettin mad and when I get mad I fly off at the mouth.   He turned off the kitchen light and put his hands on my shoulders and said lets go to bed.  AND this is where I got myself in trouble AGAIN!   I said "NO"......................  he walked off and said "thats it"........  I didn't believe/ and couldn't believe after the harsh spanking I already got he was gonna do it again.   I started getting worried and followed him.   He did not relent!  The rule is I am NOT to tell him NO b/c that is disobedience and disrespect!   He told me in the closet....... and again, down my panties go............ bending over and that damn hairbrush!!!!!!   I got 2 hard smacks on each check.  

That hairbrush is the first thing that has made me tear up and cry some.  

So now that is his choice of a spanking tool...

Well guess what?   Me and my damn time management....... One things on his chore list is to take my meds (for my health) no later than 9AM......... Well I got busy with things............ and it was 1 hour later.......   :(         So you know what that means?   6 smacks, hard smacks as he is gettin alot firmer with me, on my bare bottom tonight.   It is already so sore!!!!!!    :(

I am determined to NOT get spanked tomorrow!   I am determined! 
I told hubby that Im gonna print out his chore list and what he expects and tape it in a "post it" style on my computer screen.  (I do a lot of work on my computer)

Last nights spankings where humiliating, hurt like hell, and I felt bad for breakin the rules.   I did thank my HOH and hugged him.  

He feels bad after he spanks me.  He says he knows he is exercising his authority and he is determined to get me under control.......  Well, I have my entire life have been a strong willed, hard headed, stubborn child and woman.    Even in our marriage in the past, he would tell me to do something and I would laugh at him and tell him to not tell me what to do because if he did, I was gonna do the exact opposite.    Oh my gah!  Now if I say that........ My ass is GRASS, or rather gonna be on fire! 

I am not allowed to roll my eyes at him...... which I do and have done since a kid and thats an automatic, (6 smacks) b/c that is down right disrespect to him.   And I do have a choice if I do it or not!!!   This will NOT be an easy one to follow b/c it is a natural thing I do!!!!  You say something I don't like, it is written all over my face with attitude and I will roll my eyes.    :(
(or maybe HOH said it would be only 1 warning)   I can't remember now and I need to confirm.

I feel so loved my husband!  He is being firm and not letting me get away with things.   He is using his authority and I thank him and have deep respect for that!!!

My goal for tomorrow is to go without a punishment spanking!  Its been my goal, but after tonight Im sure I won't be able to sit if he spanks as hard as he said and the 'dreaded hairbrush' hurts like hell!  Plus already being sore!  :(

More later!  
                      He has already said that tonight it would be over his knee, and again of course the same ritual, having to pull my own panties down which is so embarrassing!  This picture says it all!  I am finally dreading (which I have been finding it erotic) my punishment tonight.  :(

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My ideas.... for new rules.....

I have some ideas for new rules to keep myself in check................... HOH will read these and decide......


*Cussing is a 2 warning automatically, and all I have is 3 and I get 6 smacks with the hairbrush. (which he has decided he is going to be using from now on)

*Finances - I am not allowed to buy anything without talking to him first and if I do, its an automatic - 6 smacks.

HOH, thoughts?

I will agree and submit to any decision you decide to make. 


This is what my bottom feels like right now!  :(    HOH decided to use the plastic spoon.  Went out to the garage, drop pants and panties and bent over and got my 6 smacks and it hurt!!!!!!  But I told him (my big mouth) that while it hurt bad, it wasn't AS bad as I thought.  So we then went into the closet where once again I had to drop my pants and panties and bend over and got 4 hard smacks with the back of the hair brush!  That crap HURT!!!!!!!!!!!   My bare bottom is on fire!   But he is determined to make me learn my lesson and I thank him so much for that and respect him with all my heart!
This is what I have for my husband!  Gratitude!!  I love him and respect him!  And I will submit to any discipline and I can see that he is getting more use to his role and less tolerant of my behavior.  I love him for that! 

The reason I had a punishment spanking last night.

Monday night I got a punishment spanking because of my attitude! 

Last night I got a punishment spanking for lying/disobience.   On my HOH chore list he had for me to have something done by 10 AM, well I overslept.  He texted me and told me to get up right then and I texted back that I was.  Well an hour passed by and I ignored him and went back to sleep.   Well, that got me in trouble!!!! 

The atticipationn of the spanking was killing me b/c as I mentioned in a previous post I had been finding them erotic, but last night he had me go outside in the garage (we have a family and people in our house) pull down my shorts and panties to my kneese and bend over the car.   He gave me 4 smacks with the wooden spoon, and that last smack stung bad!  Can you say OUCH?  During the spanking I was waitin for the next spank and it was killing me.   You see, I was finding them as a turn on right UP UNTIL it is actually gonna happen!  So when I was told to pull down my shorts and panties thats when I did start regretting it b/c its embarrassing, and then bending over the car with my butt in the air!  GAH!   :/      Each smack hurt worse than the last!  Thankfully he does them pretty fast......  However, if he waits a sec or 2 in between it will probably make it worse.  Which Im already dreading tonights spanking!   Im not finding it very erotic b/c he has already warned me that I will learn to dread them and he will be using more strength behind each smack.    PLUS, being me..... I was out at the store today and tried finding a different spoon.......... One that might not hurt as bad since I knew he was gonna be adding more smacks and spanking harder......... (and I do need him to do that, I NEED TO DREAD them!)   but that wasn't very smart!   After I got home I realized that the flat one is gonna hurt a lot worse!  Plus I also needed a new hair brush b/c I get tons of tangles in my hair so I bought one of those special brushes...... I looked at it when I got home and thought to myself that people actually use hair brushes to spank with...... so I took that hair brush and smack the palm of my hand!!!! Oh HOLY HELL!  That crap hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Im not sure what he is planning on using tonight?  The wooden spoon?  The flat wooden spoon, or the hair brush?   Since he said it was gonna be dreaded and hurt,  Im betting the hair brush!   :(      

After my spanking last night I hugged him and thanked him for my spanking as I always do.  People who do not have a DD marriage do not understand this.   But in this kind of relationship, you are compelled to want to be submissive after a spanking!  It resets your brain and reminds you of your wrongdoing, but also your husband took the lead and you look at him in such a different way.  You totally give yourself to him, and you want him to take you!   Having to go through pulling down your own panties and bending over and having your husband spank you reminds you of your role in the household, but also his!!!!!!!   He is the head, the authority, and what he says goes!   I actually feel a relief and feeling of contentment after my spanking b/c there is also something so personal about it. 

I will never be able to thank my husband enough!  He does not like spanking me and causing me pain, but we both realize that spankings/punishment/humilation/discipline is pain and when done on your bare bottom where it should be done it is not harmeful, yet very, very helpful in many ways!!!!!!   My husband loves me enough to give me all of that, to use his authority over me to correct me, and for bad behavior, disrespect, not listening, dishonesty, for things that are harmful to myself or others, and he knows it also resets me and reminds me of who is really in control in our house and that is my owner, loving HOH!!!!!!   ♥♥♥  

The next time I blog will be after I recieve my "you have been warned its gonna be a spanking you are gonna dread".    So it will either be tonight, or tomorrow before 11Am as that is one of my chores. 

Tarzan will be posting soon. 

~Jane DDLearning ----- soon to be "sore bottom, can't sit down"    (worried and finally dreading it!  :( )  
I thought this was so true!  My heart will never forget how much I love my husband now more than ever!

How much I respect him more than ever!!!!

But I also thought of a different line for that last sentence....  "But red bottoms shouldn't/never forget"  LOL  

Time Management!!!!

Something my HOH is really help me to see that I didn't realize I had such a HUGE problem with also is Time Mangement!  That is what Im being disciplined for tonight.   :(     

I am actually starting to really dread it b/c he said he is gonna make it worse, and it was at my suggestion b/c I want to make him happy.......... and the worse it is the better I may be b/c I will have a sore ass the next day!!!   


~Jane DDlearning   ----  Soon to be red bottom!   :(      /sigh    

Baby!  Tarzan, I Love you so much!

My attitude!

However, this is my attitude most of the time and has been my entire life! 
But my loving husband has decided to correct it and make me a better person for myself, for him, and for our entire family life!

I respect and love him so much for that!  ♥

So, not happy! :(

So I already didn't make some of the time frames on my "chore list" and that was after one warning.  So tonight Im getting punishment spanking.   :(      And while the anticipation was erotic for me the last couple of days, not I am starting to dread it because he said he is gonna make it harder (and last nights 4 smacks really did sting) so I learn to dread it everytime in hopes that it leaves a lasting impression on me.    /sigh   

I don't have to blog about yesterdays discipline until this afternoon.  While he is being very strict, he is also understanding and fair.  I have to be somewhere in a bit so I can journal this afternoon.  

However, I am suppose to be gettin ready right now...... So I will be back!

So how is our DDLearning applied in our lives. 

First I had to make up in my mind that I would 100% submit to anything he said, including discipline as he saw fit.   That puts him in control, and it takes control away from me, which is a good thing for a submissive wife. 

We rules now and diciplines already set out for the rules.

*If a certain rule is broken it is called an 'automatic' and that means I get 6 smacks with the wooden spoon.  I have to pull my own panties and they have to be at my knees or lower (this is not fun! It is embarrassing!) and I have to bend over either over his knee, or whatever I can bend over so he can have a clear view so he sees where he is smacking me and to ensure he is getting my bottom, and if there is nothing to bend over, then it is simply bending over on my own)

(I will say this.... I have been up to this point finding the anticipation of the Punishment Spankings erotic, as a turn on.  So I told my husband about this b/c that is NOT the purpose of them.  They are a form of discipline and need to be dreaded.   So he has ensurred me that they will be harder now and I will dread them and he is not cutting me any slack anymore at all!  Which I deeply respect!!!  However, no matter how much they are dreaded, and hurt, (yesterdays hurt a good amount, but he is gonna spank harder as of my next punishment spanking to correct this)  after the spanking I am totally turned on because this man just forced his authority!  I didn't do right, and show him the respect he deserved and so he took me in his hands and made me.  He held me accountable and I love that and respect that for him.   Because of the spankings I want to do everything I can do to make him happy!!!!  More than every before!!!!  I want him happy!)

What are the rules that are an 'automatic' punishment spanking:
*HOH sends me a chore list with time frames for things to be done, this is helping me with time management and what he expects from me.   He expects me to be honest in telling him if I don't make the 'time frame' he put in my list.   --- With the chore list its all or nothing!  Meaning if I miss one time frame or one thing doesn't get done, its an automatic and each additional thing on that list if not done or not done by the time frame is 1 additional smack.

*On the weekends HOH will give me verbal or written list - same applies as above.

*He has the right as HOH to make a new rule on the spur of the moment if he feels its needed and discipline w/o warning if he sees the situation warrents it.

*Dishonest and Disobedience - 'automatic'

*Trying to find excuses to get out of things is an 'automatic' -- tho at times this is based on HOH discretion.

*Fighting over the discipline - automatic

*I am not allowed to tell him he can not spank me or I am backing out of DD because I have to let my yes mean yes, and if a punishment is needed and I don't like it and I tell him that, it is an automatic plus additional smacks as HOH sees fit due to my attittude.

So we have our automatics that I described above.

Then we have a warning system on disrespect.  I get 3 warnings and if I reach 3 warnings, I get 6 smacks with the wooden spoon, me pulling my panties down and bending over just like an automatic.

Whats really bad is if I have an automatic and I get 3 warnings in one day, then that will mean 12 smacks...... Or if I get 2 automatics and 3 warnings that will mean 18 smacks!   And if I didn't finish all my chores or meet time frames, each of those are additional smack!   OUCH! 

*I have to be up and out of bed when HOH leaves for work.  If Im not, then this counts as 1 warning.

*Journaling/blogging - This is to help reinforce the discipline.
Every day (except Saturday and Sunday) I have to blog what happend the day before.  Was it a good day or a bad day?   How so?  Did I get a spanking?  If so, what for?  How did I feel before the punishment?  How was I punished?  How did I feel afterwards?   What can I do to try and make it not happen again.  I am to blog all my wrongdoing so my husband is able to read them.  If I skip a day he can see it and results in an automatic.  On Monday mornings I have to update for the weekend.   All of this has to be done by 11AM every day or its an automatic.

Tarzan (HOH) has promised he will always be fair, clear in instructions, firm, spankings will learn to be dreaded because they need to leave a lasting impression and make me start dreading them more as that is what the purpose of the spankings,  to correct wrong behavior.  He will discipline in a loving way and hole me afterwards.  He is determinded to not let me get away anymore with disrespect, sassing back and attitude and if he ses fit give an attitude adjustment.   He will hold me accountable for my actions.  If Im disrespectful in the slightest it goes as 1 warning.    It is up to HOH to decide how, when and where discipline is handled.  HOH may decide that a spanking/discipline needs to be handled right then.   

HOH is inforcing his authority, and I submit to them all!   That is my role as his wife, and that is his role as my husband.   He is very loving and wants whats best for me and our household, and that means keeping me in line.   I am very hard to handle! I am short fused, and have attitude a mile long and will talk back in a split second!   Ive never been accountable.  However now that has changed, and I love and respect my husband more than I ever have!

Ok...... I have to do a few things..... but then I got to get back on here to blog about yesterdays discipline before 11. 

~Jane DDLearning


Let me introduce myself!

Jane is not my real name, however it is the name I will go by on this site.  My husband will be blogging here and he is going to go by Tarzan.

I have always needed a firm hand in my life, and I have NEVER had it!  NEVER! 

A few months ago things in our marriage got really bad and we almost ended up in a divorce.  I had no respect for my husband, and the love I had for him was gone. 

We stayed together, and things started changing.    I told my husband about some of things I felt during that time and he started making some changes himself seeing that I needed certain things from him.

Well about 5 days ago I showed him a site called takinginhand and he liked some of the ideas.   A few years back I came across that site and things regarding DD and he didn't like the idea.

After I showed him the site a few days back he understood that it was what I needed and for us to both to assume or roles, me as a submissive wife, and him as the HOH.  

The day after we read all this stuff together we put it into effect.  The last 4 days I have gotten punishment spankings!  :(    I will tell you this that I have never felt so close to my husband!!!!! The love I feel for him is amazing!!!!!!!!!!   I have so much respect for him!!!!!!!   I have never had this much respect for him!

I am a sassy, brat!  I always have been!  I have never been accountable for my actions!  NEVER!  And now I have my husband, my owner who loves me, is fair and loving to me, and holds me accountable.   Because of this we are both happier than we ever have been in such a short period of time!!!!   I am happy b/c of him taking over, and he is happy b/c I have so much respect for him and very submissive.

Punishment spankings for us has been a life saver!  He does not like doing it, but he loves the results that it brings.   It hold me accountable, it makes me respect him more because he has rules now and if they are not followed through the he WILL use his authority.  In turn after the punishment spanking, I thank him because I truly mean it, and it does something to me!  It resets me!!!!  I am totally melted into him! I WANT to be and am very submissive right after my spanking!  

The spanking is done as a mean of correction, to modify my bad behavior or for my disrespect.   He as our HOH deserves respect and he knows it now and will enforce it.

I am about to do another post on his rules and how we are handling this.   Again, it has saved our marriage.

~Jane DDLearning