Thursday, February 28, 2013


Ok.... So last night I really messed up!

Yikes and Ouch!

Last night was maintenance which we agreed we would do for the next few days because there has been some distancing, mainly from me. 

Plus I didn't get everything done on my chore list. 

After the maintenance I was crying!   He gave me a few minutes to and then I asked to go ahead and do my discipline so we could get it over with.

I am happy to say and proud of myself because I knew it was all coming and so I had the container I bend over in our closest set up with rubber back hair brush, and wooden spoon, and the blind (that opens and closes the blinds) stick ready.   I was just in my T-shirt because I had just got out of the shower and I was waiting for him when he got home. 

Let me tell you --- the rubber brush HURTS! 

Our new way of handling things is working out great for us..... I can not talk while the spanking is happening, and the way we have me positioned he can hold me down.   We have also decided that he will stop when he is ready, that I am not going to know how many smacks.   With doing all that it takes my control away.

Well then last night I got an attitude, but I didn't see it!  I was laughin an playing around, but HOH said that I was being disrespectful even though I was playing around.  He warned me but I still didn't see it.   So back into the closet we went, rubber hair brush again. 

When we came out, I was sittin on the bed and he said he could tell that I still had an attitude. In all honesty I was just playin around with him.  Yet he said I was still disrespectful.  So back into the bathroom we went.  This time instead of our normal spot, I had to bend over the tub and he used the blind rod.   When he was done I was still sassy, and I kinda giggled......... Not meaning to....... So he pulled me back in the closet for another round of the rubber brush.  This time I tried to relax and think about what he was sayin while I was gettin spanked and he just kept spanking and spanking and finally I saw what he was saying.

After that spanking I saw exactly what he was saying.   It took him spanking me a few times to get it into my thick head!!!!!

So, yeah.......... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

But afterwards.............because he corrected me and helped me. 
We ended up here...............


  1. Hi Jane, or should I refer to you as 'cast iron butt'?!!

    I never get to dictate how many, how hard or for how long, and I've often wondered what it would be like to know you were going to get thirty swats and then it would finish. Starman just carries on and finishes when he's ready - sometimes it's almost too much, and sometimes it doesn't seem to 'hit the spot'. But we do get to talk, although not whilst being spanked - the noises I make then come out mostly as Ow and Ouch and Oh S--t!

    I do like the idea of the "reckoning" following on from the maintenance though. It's how we do it. I realise that some prefer to keep the 'discipline part' completely separate, but we don't get that much time in a quiet house when we are able to 'talk'. I have been known to giggle between swats though, especially when he is rubbing my bum! But he does get a bit confused when the giggled become sobs. I do try to keep them muffled in my pillow, because otherwise he gets alarmed. He still hasn't got used to it. But, you know, it's okay to have a sense of humour about these things. (So long as it's respectful and mutual humour like "Your butt is so red I could fry an egg on it.") And yes, we both have a warped sense of humour!

    Like you, the benefits afterwards are worth enduring for. It's the best bit for both of us. I look forward to following your blog.



    1. Hey Ami!!!!!!!

      Thank you so much for your thoughts! I really love to hear what other people think!!!!!!!

      Im glad Im not alone/we are not alone in different areas of our wonderful DD, TTWD lifestyle.

      It has changed our life!

      Yes for me..... I can not know how many, and I can NOT be in any control at all.... If I am then I feel like I am still in control and have not given my control to my HOH. I need to have the "layers" taken off. Sometimes it requires alot more than one discipline.

      I do like to keep discipline and maintenance separate if hubby will allow it......Discipline makes me know that I did wrong in hubbys eyes or its for not following through on an assignment............. Yet maintenance is out of him just takin his authority and enforcing as he sees fit.

      It is truly an amazing lifestyle change that has helped our marriage grow in ways we never knew it would.

  2. I once read in a novel that a wife, who had been close to cheating on her husband, wanted her husband to give her a hard spanking with her own hairbrush as a punishment. He did, and she she screamed, sobbed etc., but afterwards he comforted her and said everything was alright between them. She could noy sit down properly for a few days, but still she told her husband that all women would prefer a hard spanking and a sore bottom for a few days to felling guilty for a long time. And she mad her husband promise to spank her again, if she did something seriously wrong. So I suppose you could call it consensual spanking, even if he did not ask her permission the next time. Women probably have a bigger SuperEgo than men - and they feel guilty more often. And on those occasions a hairbrush on her bare bottom can be a good solution.