Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Let me introduce myself!

Jane is not my real name, however it is the name I will go by on this site.  My husband will be blogging here and he is going to go by Tarzan.

I have always needed a firm hand in my life, and I have NEVER had it!  NEVER! 

A few months ago things in our marriage got really bad and we almost ended up in a divorce.  I had no respect for my husband, and the love I had for him was gone. 

We stayed together, and things started changing.    I told my husband about some of things I felt during that time and he started making some changes himself seeing that I needed certain things from him.

Well about 5 days ago I showed him a site called takinginhand and he liked some of the ideas.   A few years back I came across that site and things regarding DD and he didn't like the idea.

After I showed him the site a few days back he understood that it was what I needed and for us to both to assume or roles, me as a submissive wife, and him as the HOH.  

The day after we read all this stuff together we put it into effect.  The last 4 days I have gotten punishment spankings!  :(    I will tell you this that I have never felt so close to my husband!!!!! The love I feel for him is amazing!!!!!!!!!!   I have so much respect for him!!!!!!!   I have never had this much respect for him!

I am a sassy, brat!  I always have been!  I have never been accountable for my actions!  NEVER!  And now I have my husband, my owner who loves me, is fair and loving to me, and holds me accountable.   Because of this we are both happier than we ever have been in such a short period of time!!!!   I am happy b/c of him taking over, and he is happy b/c I have so much respect for him and very submissive.

Punishment spankings for us has been a life saver!  He does not like doing it, but he loves the results that it brings.   It hold me accountable, it makes me respect him more because he has rules now and if they are not followed through the he WILL use his authority.  In turn after the punishment spanking, I thank him because I truly mean it, and it does something to me!  It resets me!!!!  I am totally melted into him! I WANT to be and am very submissive right after my spanking!  

The spanking is done as a mean of correction, to modify my bad behavior or for my disrespect.   He as our HOH deserves respect and he knows it now and will enforce it.

I am about to do another post on his rules and how we are handling this.   Again, it has saved our marriage.

~Jane DDLearning

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