Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Does it still hurt?


I didn't get everything I was suppose to get done by the time frame my HOH gave me.   So it was an automatic 6 smacks. 

I had to go to his office for a particular reason and he was alone.   He gave me a choice of gettin my spanking then or later tonight..... I decide THEN because I didn't want to dread it the rest of the day and plus the hair brush wasn't there.  

I told him "Im not gettin bare bottom, what if your boss comes back"  and he told me to not worry about it that everyone was gone for awhile. 

He closes the blinds so nobody could see in................. Down my pants come and panties and I had to lean over his side desk and he used his hand.   It did sting but not nearly as bad as the hair brush. 

I know I have another smack later coming up b/c of something Im not gettin done and it will be with the hair brush. 

He told me today that he is wondering if my tolerance pain is rising.  LOL 

What if thats the case?  Has anyone else had that problem?   If you deal with the pain of the discipline, what else can he do?   What other forms of discipline do yall use?  Or are there other positions that hurt your 'rear' worse than others?   Extra smacks?  

Im not saying we are there yet...... That hair brush HURTS.............. but it did make me start wondering........


  1. OMG, spanked at his office! That's pretty hot. I find my pain tolerance varies, maybe due to hormonal cycle... (I can take more when ovulating, less before my period) sorry if TMI

    1. Yes! LOL I was like..... Omgah! He told me the doors were locked and the boss wasnt coming back for a bit...... it was different pullin down my pants and panties in his office and he givin me my spankin/discipline THERE..... but it was around lunch time and we both already knew that I broke on of the time frames on my chore list..... So I was given the choice to do it there in the office or later that night..... I decided then b/c I didn't want to dread it...... I still ended up with 4 more smacks with the spoon and 2 with the hair brush at home later.... /sigh Me and my mouth! LOL and time managment

  2. Hi Jane
    Wow you two are brave lol
    I do think that pain tollerence is more, the more you get spanked.
    It was like that for me. I mean it all hurts, and some implements hurt more, but you are able tollerate it for longer if that makes sense :) but I agree with Renee, I find it hurts more when I'm on :(

    1. Yes BRAVE!!!! LOL He was brave, I wanted it over! LOL But I do find that I am tolerating them more....but I bruise really easy so I know he doesn't like leaving my butt all black and blue...... Im about to be 'On' in a few days...... So I guess I will see how it goes.....

      That interesting -- Hormones might have something to do with it..... Also with the feeling of release, feeling back in 'my place'........