Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why is it?

Can someone explain to me, which I have a strong idea myself and from things Ive read, but I would like others thoughts..............Can someone explain why if the HOH of the house makes me stand in the corner naked, legs spread apart and hand on your head after and/or during the spanking for a break it has such a power effect?   It is a turn on, yes.... but also very embarrassing.  Why is it you feel so much more submissive tho?   Its like a package deal?

Also, why is it when HOH tells you to not wear panties for the day, it makes you feel............. I don't know the words for it.................Anyone else know what Im saying?    Like today...... Hubby told me no panties......

Can anyone explain these to me?  

I know how I feel but trying to figure out how to word it and if the way I feel is like anyone else?   Other HOHs and wives feel free to answer!!!!!  Please! 



  1. I don't know, but it sounds super hot to me, and I'm taking notes for my HOH

  2. Jane I have no answers for you. However I will say you are NOT alone in your feelings. The emotional tug your HoH has on you is unexplainable. I have racked my brains for weeks and still don't get it. I do know that I like it.

  3. Thank you ladies! Glad Im not alone....... I wish I could put it into words............ but both of them have a powerful effect..... maybe its b/c you are at your HOHs mercy? From things Ive read that seems to be it.... He has authority..... and you are vunlerable...... Just from things I have been reading..... Plus you are embarrassed by the man you love..... but it builds trust and a close bond.... Him using his authority, and us having no choice but to submit...... I dunno!??!?!?!?!?

  4. These two things are very intimate!!!!!! So maybe that has something to do with the effect it has??? Being made to do something "just because" or out of discipline that is embarrassing....... builds trust..... and closeness......b/c you are havin to do it for your HOH? I know it has a powerful effect over me...... Tho last night I was very bratty and I got in a lot of trouble and Im still being discipline for it....... Writing lines today.....2 hours of computer taken away..... I can't have my beer or wine tonight...... Plus a red bottom in my future when he gets home and corner time. :(

  5. Just my thoughts, but it seems to me that standing naked with your legs spread is an incredibly vulnerable position, not something that is a normal position to be in and when he tells you to assume that position, you are humbling yourself or submitting even more to your HOH. I can certainly see how it would be an incredibly erotic feeling.

  6. Thank you for your comment Uncajake!!!! :)

  7. According to my wife, it doesn't matter whether a woman is 17 or 70, being made to stand red bottomed in the corner after a spanking is still thoroughly awkward. She can't think of anything else except that still exposed backside! The reason is vulnerability.

    Many generations ago, women's boutiques discovered that if they wanted to retain customers, wide aisles were a must. Otherwise, customers didn't come back if the store was crowded.

    No matter how thoroughly dressed, women still feel uncomfortable having the seat of their dress brushed against or bumped by strangers. Obviously, the best way of minimizing this type of unwanted contact in an store is to have greater separation between rows rather than more merchandise that doesn't sell.

    A similar phenomenon occurs in the bedroom.

    When a woman voluntarily takes off her clothes or is undressed before having sex, she retains control as the seductress. Typically, couples making love are face to face and belly to belly as their hands explore. Once penetrated, she falls into a rhythm with her lover. Unless the woman is in the doggie position, her backside is protected by bedding.

    On the other hand, when the same woman has to take of her clothes or be undressed in order to be spanked, she is relinquishing control to her disciplinarian. Physical exposure is merely a prelude to psychological exposure.

    Furthermore, unless she's being spanked in the diaper position, she is usually turned away from her disciplinarian. Either by positioning or restraint, her hands are rendered useless. Both literally and figuratively, she is exposed and vulnerable.

    Once spanking begins, her responses are no longer be voluntary. She can't think of anything else except what is happening to her bottom! She is powerless and one of the most sensitive areas of her anatomy is thoroughly vulnerable.

    When the spanking is over, this focus doesn't magically disappear. Especially after a woman as been properly spanked, she still "feels it" even after it's over. She may have an urge to tend to the affected area. Denied this opportunity only accentuates her focus.

    Any husband or parent, whose put a wife or older daughter bare bottom over the knee, knows when released after being soundly spanked, the women tends to face the disciplinarian. Particularly in women not trained to take a spanking, there is a dual instinctive reaction to both protect the affected area by turning it away from the spanker and alleviate the sting by rubbing it.

    At this point, the fact that the female's sexually private area may be completely exposed is completely irrelevant and is totally disregarded. Quite literally, she has more urgent matter to attend to at that moment!

    Having to stand bare bottomed with her nose in the corner is counter intuitive to a woman's natural defenses. It literally reverses her instincts. Moreover, not only is her bottom on display, it can still be smacked. She remains vulnerable.