Monday, March 4, 2013

Last night was...ummm... a bit different.....

Ive always been a smart mouth!   Im a smart mouth even when I don't know it!  

Hubby gave me 3 strikes yesterday.... I was just jokin around and playin..... but after the fact realized it was in fact disrespectful.   I just don't know when to stop and when enough is enough.   I've been this way my entire life.   When he says thats strike 1.... I don't believe him or I laugh.

So last night I ended up with a maintenance. 


He did something else that we have not done yet in our DD lifestyle, and he said he was not sure if he would.   I was shocked at the effect it had on me. 

Yes, corner time!   :(    Wow!   I felt horrible with this!  He sent me in the closet and told me to pull down my panties, spread my legs, hand on the back on my head and he pulled up my shirt enough that my entire butt was showing.   The effect it had on me was powerful!   Needless to say I don't know if I like it or hate it.   It was very humiliating when HOH would walk in and Im standing there like that, but it made me feel vulnerable to the man I love, which in turn brought submission.   So good things about it, and things I do not like about it at all.   But the effects of it I think out way the good of it.  After that I got my discipline and I submitted to it with no back talk. 

My HOH has stepped into this role so fast!  I never knew he had it in him!  He is alot more firm with me, he is not lettin me get away with things, and now not only is he disciplining me with spankings, he is doing maintenance, and now corner time.  His spankings are starting to become a huge dread because he is spanking alot longer and a lot harder which is a GREAT thing for me b/c the longer and harder he does it the more of an impression it makes.   And from all of that, I respect this man I married more than ever!!!!!  I love every bit of authority he has over me!  

Actually I forgot, I got 2 maintenance spankings yesterday.   When I woke up yesterday morning my nerves were on edge and he knew it.  I mentioned that I might need one (I promised to tell him when I felt I might) and he took me in the closet and gave me one.  As soon as it was over it reset my thinking.

So thankful for DD in our life!  TiH, TTWD!   More so thankful for my HOH for taking this and running with it and making me fall into submission like the wife I should be.

~Jane DDLearning


  1. Interesting how a spanking can ground you and just make you feel better. And definitely closer to your HOH. Glad yours is taking so well to the program. :)

    1. It is amazin!!!!! Who would have thought????? Wow!

  2. i am amazed by how great your husband is at this. my hoh does not want to do it. he says it is stupid to have to spank me like a child, that i should be responsible and do what i am supposed to do. ok well i have ADHD so i have a lot of issues that are not so easy to just get over or change. i am also pre menopausal and very emotional, insecure, have anxiety and depression, and i have no positive coping skills, poor short term memory, horrible time management skills, and i am not good at being submissive. i want to be submissive though, and to be respectful, obedient, honest, and good to my hoh. he is a good man and loves me, just doesnt understand me. i have gotten a few spankings from him but far spaced out and have to really beg for one. i really need one like twice a week to keep me from being controlling, cranky, and procrastinating so much. i don't understand why this seems so hard for him. it makes me feel like i am just not worth his time. :-( when we discuss it and he says why should he do it because there is nothing in it for him...i want to explode. that makes me sooo angry, frustrated, hurt, and lost. i don't know what to do. i cant just forget about it now. i really really want this to help me stay focused, feel loved and secure, and to learn to let my hoh lead.