Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on TTWD/DD - Thoughts????

We have been very busy lately. 
I have been bratting and owner couldn't do anything about it because of our circumstances we've had.
It got to a point the other day that I told him that I was done with DD.   Not a good idea!  By the time he got home, I was a bit more kind and told him I was sorry, and I was.   However, while I craved it, I was also trying to get out of it.
Due to the lack of consistency, even though I said I was sorry, he went through with what he said he was going to do. 
So in the closet I go, forced to undress and bend over. We don't usually do over the knee because we don't have the space in our closet, so it's me on the floor on my knees bent over. (There are times that we go outside to the car in our garage and use the back seat and I am bent over his knees that way) He usually spreads my legs and this last time told me I could not arch my back which made my butt stand out more which I hated.  5 minutes of spanking!  Then I stand up and he sees I still have an attitude, which I did.  I don't know why!  We figure its because the longer we go without any discipline or just maintenance my attitude returns and I forget or push to take control.  Or its just me simply bratting because I know I need it.
Because of having an attitude still that meant corner time.  Again this is where we practice submission and take away my pride.  I always end up getting spanked a few times because I can never stay still as he touches me.   Its a form of humiliation, not in a bad way, but in a way of remembering that I belong to him and submit to him and obey. 
After awhile of me still moving he had me bent back over and spanking my butt again.  After that I told him I was ready to try and be still and submit.
I finally stood still and he told me I was being a good girl and "he wants to inspect what belongs to him."
"It might be between your legs but it belongs to me"
We do NOT believe in butt plugs and feel it has no place in a DD life style, even in D/s. Though he has joked about enemas before. Umm, NO!  While I would have no control because he is my owner, I would die of embarrassment and would put up a fight. One time he had me grab my ankles and that was so humiliating, because he had my legs spread and everything in view.   However there are times when I am over his knee (when in the car)  or bent over on the floor he will spread my checks and that is horrible! I always squirm and tell him to quit.  Not a good idea! Humiliating! HATE IT!
For you women out there, do you find that you ever crave, or need to feel your rear red?   Do you find that you need it?  Almost like you need the pain on your rear to feel your owners authority over you? 
At times I feel like I need to feel the pain, but its a knowing of my owner taking me and putting me in my place and showing me his authority and controlling me.
After reading about some things, I feel like at times I am manipulating him into spanking me.  Bratting! I know I am because I feel its what I need. 
I also want him to feel his power, his control over me.  I want him to know that he has complete control over me and enjoy his power and authority over me.  I know he does in some respects because he likes to see my rear RED!  A red bottom is a happy husband!
Anyone else feel that way? 

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  1. Although she never admitted doing so, I have every reason to believe my wife engineered my spanking her within earshot of her parents when we were dating. Given some of the circumstances, getting herself spanked was her way of telling her parents that she'd made her choice.

    The thing that makes this possibility so intriguing is that my wife is not an impulsive person. We talked about it before hand. She could have easily refused to go over my lap. Instead, as she admitted, she was ready to accept the consequences of her behavior.