Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank you all!!!

I want to take a moment and thank you all for your comments here on my page with my blog.  As I'm sure most of you know that its a journey that comes up with many questions.  Is this normal, is that normal?  Should I feel this way?  Is it working? 

At times I doubt it and myself.   At times I'm humiliated, at times I'm mad, and then at other times I feel a closeness to him that is not describable, and at times I crave it and need it.   Sometimes it's confusing!

For us, it has saved our marriage!   We had a bad thing happen a while back and it made us evaluate some things. 

It is something that is so meaningful to use that we are going to make some jewelry (bracelets) that has something on it for each of us to help remind us of our place.   We are going to use some sort of letters that nobody will pick up on and if anyone ask we will tell them its between me and owner.  

I looked all over online and there are not many places that make DD/ Ms jewelry!  

But I wanted to say thank you all for your help and comments along the way and I'm sure I will have more in the months to come. 


  1. Hi Jane,

    The following are links to various sites where they sell jewellery that might be the kind of thing you are looking for. (I hope it's okay to post links here.)

    Most are ordinary pieces of jewellery based on the separate 'lock and key' concept. While if the item was worn by you and the key by him, this would would symbolise the 'ownership/owned' effect that you want, it would seem pretty innocuous to the outsider.

    One site has pieces of "couples" jewellery in two parts some of which can be personalised according to the couple's requirements.

    Prices are variable according to the site and the type of thing that you buy but some pieces are relatively inexpensive.

  2. Thank You! I love your comment! I will look at those links.

    Again, thanks! Chat with you soon!