Friday, February 14, 2014

Big trouble tonight!

Hey fellow DDers!

I hope y'all had a wonderful last few days! How is everyone?

Us over on the east coast got slammed with Pax!  Ouch!  But all is well!

Well I am in big trouble tonight.   I really screwed up!  :(   I feel so bad about it!  Last night I sent my HOH a text because I was aggravated saying "what the hell" and he didn't respond to it.   So, I didn't think much of it.  Well, this morning I didn't get up when I was suppose to.   Later in the morning today I get a text saying tonight I have 10 minutes coming, spanking and corner time due to my text last night and not getting up this morning.  :(

So now here I sit dreading and thankful for the discipline I have coming.  It is deserved, but I dread it also.   :(

I sent him a text about how sorry I was/am and I will submit (obviously) to anything and everything because I deserve it and have it coming.   I can't wait to get the slate clean and we can have a good weekend.



  1. Aw, hopefully the rest of your weekend goes better!

  2. Feeling clean is a biggie in a woman's life. Absolutely purges a woman of guilt like a good spanking.

    According to my wife, standing red bottomed in the corner is just as effective for mothers as it is for their daughters.

    She says, no matter how hard a woman tries, she can't think of anything other than her spanked bottom is exposed! It's really embarrassing even if the only one seeing it is the husband that spanked it!