Friday, December 27, 2013

We are back!

So we fell off the DD/TTWD/TiH train for a few months.......... we started distancing from each other, and then with no DD, there was more of a lack of connection.

I talked to HOH about it because I know it's what saved us before, because it gives that connection and a feeling of being loved by the wife, and for the HOH that power, being in control which he should be. 

HOH was reluctant at first because he said I would do things on purpose to get spanked before.

So last night we decided it was time to jump back on board.  I thought after a few months he might go easy on me. Wrong!  Oh so wrong!   He wore my butt out!  He remembered exactly what to do and how to do it and what glow he wanted to see.  OUCH!    

I admit that I feel and told him I think it is the right thing for us, and I DO!  However, it's hard  to submit when you feel so unconnected.  It's hard to take off your clothes and bend over to allow someone (even your HOH) to spank you when the two of you are just not connecting, to find that subjection to someone and being put in a vulnerable state.  

When it was said and done, it was for the best as we both agree!  I opened up and talked to him, and we both seem to be on the right track now. 

DD might not be for everybody, but it is for us.   There is a reason why divorces were so low in the 1950s - men had the right and acted on it to take his wife over their knee and give them a good whippin!   Men had the power, and women were in subjection.   If everyone did what they were suppose to and kept their roles then the house ran smooth.  But if something did go wrong, just like with everything in life, there is a consequence. 


  1. yayyyy to being back. I agree....what was so wrong with the 50's household that a bunch of radical women had to ruin such agood thing. now those of us who want it have to fight and struggle for it.

  2. Hi Jane -- this is my first time here. J and I have had our share of stops and starts ourselves. I'm glad to have found you and am looking forward to reading more :)


  3. I just stumbled onto your blog from My Bottom Smarts ... I have to say that you had me at your title "Trying to live a 1950s married life" because so are we :) Look forward to reading about your adventures in the new year ava x

  4. One mistake couples make is failing to account for and failing to accommodate changes in each other over time. Five years later, most certainly after 50 years of living together, husbands and wives are not the same people they were when they married.

    Most of the time, these changes aren't wholesale. We tend to change little by little. almost imperceptibly every day. Unnoticed as they progress, these can seem like sudden shifts in personality and attitude when suddenly discovered. .

    One thing spanking can do is to get things out in the open. Part of the spanking process cases a woman to reveal her inner thoughts to a man. Over time, she can literally become transparent to him.

    Once this happens, there are no more secrets. As a result, the two can truly become one. After that, there are few surprises.