Saturday, January 11, 2014

Help? Suggestions? Addiction?

So finally all my discipline spanking and corner time is over!!   Phew!!

That's was a rough discipline!

I made something for hubby so that shouldn't happen again.   I will post a picture of it later, but it's quiet and hurts!  :(    But I really don't like discipline dragging out.

Question - do any of you/or have any of you had a drinking addiction?  If so, is there a way DD can help?   I do have an addiction to alcohol and trying to control it.  Any suggestions where DD can help? HOH told me to do some research on it.  It is an addiction and I want to break it.

Can DD help? More spankings? Different discipline? Things that are humiliating to enforce that I need to break this addiction?  I dunno!  We are open to suggestions.


                                                      Should this be our answer??


  1. This is only my very subjective opinion, but I think DD used in addition to professional help (hypnotherapist, councilor, group therapy, or whatever works for you) could be helpful. I am not sure whether DD used in isolation would be the best solution. Although, as I said, this is only my very humble opinion ... ava x

  2. Thank you so much Ava! We will take all suggestions. Your response is very helpful and appreciated!!

  3. I know im late to the game here but I agree w ava in that I think dd could help but maybe as just one step in that ladder to success. I wish you and your sir the very best

  4. A decade ago, Russian scientists claimed that 30 sessions consisting of 60 moderate strokes each (1,800 total) with a cane delivered to the bare buttocks by a member of the opposite sex cured a variety of psychological issues including excessive alcohol consumption.

    According to an American housewife with a gambling addiction, a counselor proposed she let her husband start paddling her bare bottom with a hairbrush. Supposedly, the embarrassment and pain of have to be spanked would serve as a strong deterrent. The wife said, desperate to save her marriage at the time, she agreed.

    The wife went on to say that getting spanked cure more than her gambling problem. As a result, she became a proponent of domestic discipline!